Site Supervisor Outline

One Day Project

  • Knowledge of Home Repair
  • All of the Materials have been picked out and will be ordered for the worksite
  • Review the worksite before arriving the day of the repair to meet the homeowner
  • Instruct how the task of repair is to be done to the Work Crew
  • Guide the work crew during the day
  • Manage the Project as laid out in the Leaders Manual
  • Inspect the repair that is completed and acceptable
  • It is not the responsibility of the site leader to do the work

Site Leader in Training

One Day Project

  • Some knowledge of Home Repair
  • Work with the Site Supervisor
  • Observe how the project is handled
  • Assist the work crew with the tasks on the project

Worksite Group Adult or Junior Volunteer  

One Day Project

  • Volunteer’s that want to serve the Lord
  • A Site Leader is provided to guide the group in the repairs
  • Pray with the homeowner when arriving at the worksite
  • Present the homeowner with a gift provided by FCWC Weekend Edition

Partnering with the Home Owner Network

  • Volunteers from a local Church assembled to contact the homeowner and pray and befriend them
  • The goal is to get them involved in a local church and show them the Love of Jesus Christ
  • A network of Churches across Rochester aligned with the same goal