Why are we doing this?

FCWC Weekend Edition provides an opportunity to serve so that the city of Rochester might see Jesus. The goal is not to be known as a “construction company,” but an opportunity to show the love of God to our community.

You’ve been invited into a homeowner’s home that God has arranged. Use this time wisely. When the project is completed, we don’t want the relationship to end. We are setting up a network of people who will continue to have a relationship to offer guidance, pray for them, share your faith, and introduce them to a local church.

If you are interested in learning more about FCWC Weekend Edition Worksite Group or the Followup Networking Program, contact us for the next step.

What’s new with the Weekend Edition?

There are many opportunities to serve the Lord through the Weekend Edition Program. 


Each worksite has been vetted and ready to go, supplied with an eBook detailing the tasks to be performed and a list of materials to be used. 


Once the site has been scheduled, the materials are purchased and ready for pick up the day before. A Roving Expert is available onsite to answer questions and direct the non-experienced volunteer through the process. 

Experience is not necessary, just a willingness to serve Our God. 

Our goal this year is to complete 50 homes.’s

Flower City Outreached has launched its Weekend Edition program. The program is modeled after the Work Camp and designed for FCWC Alumni, previously served as Worksite Leaders and other adults from our network churches to help in a way that doesn’t require them to take time off work. Allows workers to bless others’ experience of what makes FCWC pleasing to the Lord.

Participants will work with their Church Coordinator to choose a homesite and then schedule a day for the work. Each Church will provide all of the materials required by the Leaders’ Manual designed for that house and viewed at the Weekend Edition Webpage.

At this time, youth may only participate on a Weekend Edition Worksite if they are 12 years or older and accompany a participating parent. Each student must sign up individually under their parent’s account as an “Additional Attendee.”

All participants will undergo a background check. 

Work to be performed on a Saturday or day agreed by the workgroup. Teams may schedule return visits to finish additional projects at their discretion.